Super Tech Multi-Duty Complex Hi-Temp Grease, 14 oz Tub

The Ultimate Grease Solution for Your Cycling Needs

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Super Tech Multi-Duty Complex Hi-Temp Grease is perfect for automotive wheel bearings, providing unparalleled protection thanks to its polymers and numerous chemical additives that deliver great anti-wear and anti-oxidation properties. With a minimum Timken OK load of 55 to prevent wear and continuous lubrication at 300 degrees F, this 14 oz tub is a must-have for cycling and other industries that require a heavy-duty lubricant.

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Additional Product Details

  • Long-lasting lubrication for high-temperature environments
  • Resistant to water washout and corrosion
  • Protects against wear and tear
  • Multi-purpose use for various cycling parts
  • Easy application with standard grease guns
  • Ideal for cycling enthusiasts and professionals alike
  • Specially formulated for extreme conditions
  • Meets industry and OEM standards
  • Convenient 14 oz. size for on-the-go repairs

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